The Wildcats are on a roll.  For the third straight game, the Wildcats have come away with a tie. This weekend's game against the Chesapeake Bay Lightning was no exception.  When the Wildcats took the ice on Saturday night, it was anybody's game and anybody's guess as to the outcome.  This was the first time these two teams met, and neither knew what to expect from the other.

The Lightning kept the Wildcats on their toes early in the first period with plenty of battles in the corners and along the boards, but the Cats backchecked hard and were quick to jump in on the forecheck when opportunities presented themselves.  Despite the Wildcats' strong defensive zone coverage, the Lightning were quick to cash in on a rebound shot and ended the period in the lead.

The Wildcats immediately answered back when the puck dropped in the second period.  In a scrum in front of the Lightning net, forward Heather Meyer scored off a rebound shot by Michele Forte. The Cats continued to be a force in the offensive zone throughout the rest of the game, and the defense remained tight.  During the third period, the Wildcats had a chance to win it when they found themselves on the powerplay after one of the Lightning players received a cross-checking penalty.  The Cats called a time-out to regroup and strategize, but ultimately, were unable to take advantage in the final minutes, and the game ended 1-1.  

All in all, the game was a real grinder.  The Wildcats were given many scoring opportunities, had several breakaways, and showed plenty of hard hockey work!  Hungry for a win, the Wildcats look forward to hitting the ice again on Nov. 14 against the Wolves.  See you there!