The Frederick Firestorm forfeited the last game of the season against the Wildcats due to a lack of players, giving the Wildcats the win and pushing them to the top as the MAWHL Senior D Division leader.

In the true spirit of hockey, the two teams decided to get together for a friendly scrimmage. Additional players from the Baltimore Blizzard were invited, which added to the fun and helped even out the benches.  Neither team had a goalie, so a player from each team strapped on the pads to tend goal.  Both did a great job, and deserve a lot of credit for stepping up to play a new and unfamiliar position.  The Wildcats gained a 2-0 lead in the first period.  The Firestorm were quick to answer back in the 2nd, sending the game in a 2-2 tie at the start of the 3rd.  As the final minute of the game ticked off the clock, it appeared it would end in a tie, but in a final offensive push, the Firestorm scored with 24 seconds remaining.

The scrimmage was competitive and fun, and showed just why every player on the ice that day loves this incredible game called hockey.  The season closes without playoffs this year; however, there is something to be taken from a game where division rivals can throw their sticks down at center ice and just have some fun.

The Prince William Wildcats would like to thank their friends, families and fans for their contributions and support during another fantastic season.  They would also like to thank the MAWHL, and look forward to the 2011-2012 Season!  Stay tuned to this website for the latest off-season Wildcats' news.  See you next season!