WebRTC 360º Virtual Switchboard


This cutting-edge WebRTC 360º platform aims to redefine videoconference communications, offering an immersive 360º experience that simulates in-person interactions like never before. With crystal-clear audio and ultra-high-definition video, WebRTC 360º empowers users to collaborate and engage seamlessly, breaking barriers of distance and bridging gaps between global teams.




121 Days




This project was entirely a new thing for Groovy Web but considering the client's urgency, we decided to give it a try. There were many challenges along the way like Vector Implementation, Matrix Logic, Timezone Management, and AI Base Appointment Assignment, but they couldn't beat the dedication and spirit of the team to fulfill their promise.

Core Features

Enhancing App Experience

Video / Audio Calls

Switchboard offers Video and Audio Calls. Which makes the Platform a good fit for many different use-cases.

Call logs (voice, video, or chat)

The platform doesn’t just provide Video and Audio Calls but also logs the Calls for future use.

Intelligent call routing

Call Routing has been developed in the platform that routes the call to the correct Agent based on the user’s requirements.

Timezone customisation

Every user in the system can customize their time zone therefore, Businesses can appoint Virtual agents from any part of the world.

Other Features

BIG DATA Reports and Visualization

Intelligent Big Data Reports help the business to know what’s going on in the system.

Department or extension selection IVR

System has departments and extensions selection, therefore it solves many problems for the businesses.

User interface customization

We provided UI Settings that allows the business admin to rebrand the Logo, Colors and Fonts in the System.

Group events (video/chat/phone)

Group events are supported by the system, which means a Group doctor call can be easily done.

Artificial intelligence

AI algorithms are used for making the system more smarter and efficient.

Creation of personalized APPs

We developed a personalization section, that allows the client to resell the system to another business and personalize settings as their requirements.

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Process We Followed to Bring this Project Live


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Client Testimonials
Good things our clients say about us

I have been working with Sagar Patel for 2 months, it is a very short period, but I realized its potential energy and capacity. Your team has great power, I hired several companies that had a good reviews for my product website, but they all failed so I was almost disappointed, I hired the Sagar team at last and there was a miracle happening. He has finished everything in 2 months as expected (Other companies took half the year, but failed). I highly recommend Sagar and his team.

Juan Ángel Ruiz

COO, Eternity
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